Junior Golf Development Program

Penrith Golf Club actively supports junior golf. Our aim is to provide ongoing junior mentoring and support programmes to help foster the love of golf and create a pathway to success in the game and in life.

We aim to give junior golfers the coaching, instruction and positive support needed for them to improve their game and to grow as individuals. We believe that golf gives juniors of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and build character.

In order for our juniors to get the most out of their learning experience, we ensure our golf clinics are positive, fun, full of interaction and personalised.

The 19th Golf Junior Academy

This 8 week program is designed to your child an introduction, level up and active skill in golf. Delivered by Junior Academy Coach, Brad Ward of the 19th Golf Range.

Start Date: Wednesday 21 April, 2021
Cost: $25/week or $179/full term

Available Classes Rookie’s  Pro’s
Wednesdays 4-5pm 5:10pm – 6:10pm
Thursdays 4-5pm 5:10pm – 6:10pm
Sundays 4-5pm 5:10pm – 6:10pm

*Rookies: For beginners/younger golfers, focused on fun games and golf basics.
*Pro’s: Older/more experienced players who are looking to improve their skills.

For more information or to reserve a spot please call Brad on 0438 312 787.