Local Rules

Local Rules

To be used in conjunction with the Rules of Golf


All members & Associates must report to the Pro-Shop before teeing off or using the practice area & obtain a course ticket. Children under the ages of 7 years are not permitted on the course, unless sanction by golf committee.

Out of Bounds

All areas outside the inside line of boundary posts, the Club House, car park and entrance roadways and areas marked “OOB”.

Staked Trees

If a staked tree interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure described in Rule 24-2.

Immovable Obstructions

All stakes defining GUR, stakes (&/ or tree guards)

Coloured Pegs and stakes

All coloured pegs and stakes (except those defining OOB) are to be treated as immovable obstructions – Rule 24 (2). Do not move pegs.
• Red stakes &/ or lines – Lateral water hazard
• Yellow stakes &/or lines – Water hazard
• White stakes &/ or lines – Ground under repair
• White stakes with black tops, joined with white lines where necessary – Out of bounds

Ornamental Gardens

Are marked by timber or concrete surrounds or white stakes or lines and must be treated as GUR.


All areas through the green that are normally closely mown, including tees.

Wheel Ruts

Except in a hazard, wheel ruts made by a mower, tractor, or motor vehicle are GUR. Note this excludes tyre marks on bare tracks etc.

Slow Play

If a player loses his ball he should immediately call the following players through. Players who have a clear hole ahead should call the following players through.

Tee Markers

• White – Members
• Red – Ladies
• Yellow – Social

Roads and Paths

All artificially surfaced roads and pathways, including those covered by wood chips, are immovable obstructions. The wood chips are deemed to be loose impediments.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule: Match play – Loss of Hole. Stroke Play – Two Strokes.

Local Rules 25 Mar 24