Newsletter from The Golf Committee – Updated Rules and Playing Conditions

We have made a few changes to the general playing conditions and our Local Rules.
The course is in great condition and as such we will be reverting to Play as it Lies in the main. Of course, this may change in case of adverse playing conditions so please keep an eye on the notes on your score cards.
  1. Immovable obstructions – Local Rule 3 – We have now added Local Rule 3.5 which determines all stakes defining penalty areas are now Immovable Obstructions and will now come under the Rules of Golf rule 16. This means relief is allowed anywhere on the course except when the ball is in a penalty area. No relief is allowed if your ball is in a penalty area. Stakes cannot be removed anywhere.
  2. 16th Green – There is no longer GUR in this area. The whole area around the 16th green is now in play.
  3. Compulsory GUR – Compulsory GUR is now identified with a white stake with a green band around the top. Normal GUR will continue to be a plain white stake.
  4. Compulsory GUR – 6th Fairway – The area to the left of the 6th fairway next to the greenkeepers shed that is marked as a no go zone is compulsory GUR and relief must be taken at the drop zone located at the start of the GUR back towards the dam.
  5. GUR – Green Keepers Shed – The Green Keepers shed is GUR and marked with plain white stakes and is not part of the compulsory GUR on the 6th fairway. If relief is taken, the nearest point of complete relief must be taken in the general area, no nearer the hole and complete relief from the area. Relief from the Green Keepers shed is not in the drop zone.
The Golf Committee