Change to number of players in Golfing Groups

As part of our efforts towards the observance of Social Distancing and to meet the directions of the relevant authorities, we are moving to restrict the playing groups from the current 4 to 3 players per group. Therefore you will see all future time sheets set up accordingly.

We acknowledge it will not be possible to fully implement this Saturday 28 March 20, and to a lesser extend Saturday 4 April 20, but there are a number of measures being taken to move towards it. Such as:

  • Any cancellations will not be able to be filled, and
  • Unless we get significant cancellations the waiting list will not be drawn on.

We will be trying to make adjustment to Sunday’s, Monday’s and Wednesday’s time sheets to meet this criteria. Please keep an eye out for any changes on these days.

There will also be no visitors allowed for Saturday member only competitions until further notice.

We also ask you not to congregate in groups in and around the pro shop and at the tees and follow the directions of the pro shop staff to keep numbers of people in the pro shop in line with the 4 people per 25 square metre rule.

It is vitally important to observe social distancing protocols and keep 1.5 metres between you and anyone else. Please DO NOT CONGREGATE IN GROUPS.

The pro shop staff will also be implementing the following measures to help avoid a build up of groups and we ask you respect and follow their instructions:

  • They have requested encourage members to not arrive too early for their tee times, so that we can police the 1.5 metres Social Distancing easier in and around the Pro Shop,
  • They will be calling groups in 1 at a time to collect their scorecards and pay their competition fees etc. They will call a group to the tee, and the followed by group to the Pro Shop to collect scorecards,
  • Hopefully this will make it easier to keep numbers in the Pro Shop to a minimum throughout the day,
  • They are encouraging members who can walk the golf course to do so, so that members who do need a cart will have one available to them.

This will apply to all competitions and social play. The committee will be applying greater vigilance on this and any member who intentionally flout these rules will be duly dealt with.

We ask for your cooperation during this very difficult time.