An Update on The Golf Course

An Update on The Golf Course
You may have noticed a number of bare patches on the greens over the past week or so. This is a result of our couch eradication program and spraying activities to control weeds such as winter grass. The bare patches are where there was no bent grass underneath the couch to fill the void where the couch and weeds have died.
These efforts will continue over the coming months which will significantly benefit the course over the longer term. This will also include work on the collars of the green where the couch has infiltrated the greens over the last few years.
The 4th hole has been affected the most and this green will be overseeded with bent to allow these bare patches to repair. Whilst this happens there will be a temporary green in play. If this is successful as we believe it will be the other most affected greens will also be repaired using the same method and where necessary temporary greens will be in play.
In the meantime, a temporary rule has been introduced treating any bare patch on any green as an abnormal course condition allowing full relief if the bare patch interferes with your ball. Relief taken as per rule 16.1.d.
Also, if your ball is on the putting green and a bare patch interferes with your line of play, line of play relief can also be taken as per rule 16.1.d.
Whilst this may be inconvenient in the short term, the long term benefits will be immense and kindly ask for your patience during this time. We are confident we will return the greens to full bent.