The timesheet draw this Friday 12 August is for the 2022 Foursomes Championships to be held on Saturday 20 August 22. The timesheet draw will still take place but note this is a manual timesheet and as such the timesheet will not be available on-line.
If you are not at the draw on Friday night the manual timesheet will be available in the pro shop from Saturday morning. This is a 36 hole event contested on the 1 day and there is NO other competition in conjunction.
The first round of the 2022 Mixed Foursomes was completed last Sunday. The following is the standings after Round 1:
Handicap Score
Scratch Leaders Graeme Howland

Vicki Hall

Scratch 2nd Place Ian Gallagher

Joanne Ogle

87 CB
Nett Leaders Graeme Howland

Vicki Hall

8 73
Nett 2nd Place  Samantha Hamilton

Rory Geerin

13 77
Happy to back out on the course.
Regards, The Golf Committee.