Upcoming Events from the Golf Committee

Just a reminder, the timesheet draw set down for this Friday 29 September 23 is for the first round of the 2023 Club Championships on Saturday 7 October 23. The draw in the club will be at the normal time of 6.00 pm and the on line booking will also be at the normal time of 8.00 pm.
Please note the format for the 2023 Club Championships will follow the same format as 2022 – please refer to the fixture book. All events other than the Club Championship (A Grade) will be contested over 54 holes. The Club Championship (A Grade) will be contested over 72 holes with the final round limited to a seeded draw for the top 16 players and will take place on Sunday 22 October 23 (spare day Sunday 29 October 23). All players involved in this will be advised by text and email on the Saturday night. There will also be a compulsory seeded draw for top 8 players in the Club Championship for round 3 on Saturday 21 October 23 (spare day Saturday 28 October 23).
There is also a compulsory seeded draw for the 3rd and final round on Saturday 21 October 23 (or the spare day Saturday 28 October 23) for the leading 4 players after round 2 in the A Reserve, B Grade and C Grade championships (Scratch).
There is a spare weekend set aside in the event of us losing a scheduled day – this being Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 23.
Note the October Monthly Medal will be played Saturday 28 October 23 which will coincide the spare weekend set aside for the Club Championships if used.
The competition fee for any day of the Club Championship will be $25.00 per round which covers the extra prize money associated with the Club Championships.
If you have any questions please refer them to a member of the Golf Committee.


Regards, The Golf Committee.