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Adjusted with DSR’s – 27 January 2019

Qualification Criteria:
1. The initial entry fee of $10.00 must be paid before a card can be submitted.
2. Each card submitted attracts a fee of $2.00 to be paid before the round – your card will be stamped to show that it is a Top Gun entry.
3. A minimum of 5 cards must be submitted to qualify. You can submit as many cards as you like.
4. The aggregate of the best 2 adjusted scores (based on the course rating of the day DSR Rating) will be your qualifying score.
5. The qualifying date will be the later of:
– the date of the last of your two low scores or
– the date you submit your 5th card.
6. Ranking will be determined based on lowest qualifying score. Where the scores are the same the first to qualify, based on the earliest qualifying date, will take precedent (you will have to better a current net score to qualify).
7. Where qualifying scores and dates are the same ranking will be decided based on the earliest dates of the individual scores, then on a count back.

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