Top Gun


Please see 2020 Top Gun Leaderboard for the current main leader board as it stands as at 23 February 20. There has been some adjustments to scores recorded since the new handicapping system came into force on 30 January.
Note under the new handicapping system has seen the introduction of the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC). This replaces the adjustment previously made based on the DSR. Therefore, going forward this will be the only adjustment you will see to your daily score. You can see this in the second column on your golf link record.
With only 11 qualifying rounds available including 4 Saturdays, if you are sitting close to the current qualifying score now is the time to make sure you get that qualifying score recorded. There is still an opportunity to get that 134 that should see you qualify. Believe it or not there is still 3 players who have yet to submit 5 cards sitting at 140 or better – only takes 1 more good score.
Don’t forget to get your card stamped before each qualifying round. Please note your scores are adjusted based on the PCC on the day.