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Local Rules - Timesheets

The Time Sheet is for members' convenience and adherence to the following points will make for smoother conduct of competitions.

Time Sheets for all Saturday events, other than those requiring a specific draw, will be displayed in the clubhouse two weeks in advance. Time Sheets from the preceding Monday are kept at the Pro Shop.  All other competition Time Sheets will be kept in the Pro Shop.

  1. Members may enter only 4 names on the timesheet.  
  2. Any member may attend an event. However, a hit off time is not guaranteed.  
  3. If a member has entered his name and finds he cannot attend he is bound to notify the Starter. Penalty for breach of this rule is suspension from the next two competition games.  
  4. Any player or players who book a time slot in competition allocated space, must pay the competition fee of the day.  
  5. Any member, who books a space for a fellow member, must accept the responsibility for that member being informed and available for the tee time. Failure to do so could bring an automatic 2 weeks suspension for both parties concerned.

Members ARE NOT to simply turn up as a full group expecting and putting pressure on the Pro Shop to get them in the field as a full group. Members will be 'filtered' into the competition field where vacancies occur. Members are advised if they wish to play in a set group of four players, they must enter their names onto the Time Sheet prior to.