Penrith Golf Club

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Local Rules - The Play

  1. Time sheets are posted on the Notice Board for all events. Members are requested to adhere strictly to the times booked. PLEASE notify the Starter if, after booking a time, it is not possible to adhere to same. In all events the Starter has complete control and can adjust the starting times to his own requirements so as to ensure a smooth progression of play from the tee. The only exceptions are those events where starting times have been arranged by the Match Committee. Rule 6 and Notes.


  2. The Match Committee reserves the right to alter the programme or method of play at any time.

  3. To speed up play, players are requested to observe the following:-

    1. Walk quickly between shots. It is good exercise.
    2. Walk directly to your ball and prepare to play your next shot when it is your turn. Your partner doesn't need your critical gaze as he plays his shot
    3. Whilst searching for a ball, call following players through and allow them to go through
    4. Always pick up when you have lost a hole to PAR or cannot score in STABLEFORD
    5. If players ahead are out of range, tee off before marking card
    6. Wherever possible, please do not leave your golf clubs in front of the green, please try to leave them to the side or rear of the green
    7. Players in motorised carts are encouraged to drop their playing partner at their ball (with a sand bucket) and proceed to their ball. Do not play your shot and travel to your playing partners ball after for their shot, it is disrespectful to fellow members and slows down the field.