Penrith Golf Club

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Local Rules - Special Notices

  1. This is your course - remember that its' condition and attractiveness depends largely on the interest to preserve it. The using of provided receptacles for rubbish, the filling of divots, the repair of lob marks and the courteous reminder to your playing partner or visitor will assist in making you proud to be a member of Penrith Golf Club.  
  2. It is the responsibility of the sponsors of any newly elected member/associate to ensure that he/she is introduced to the members of the Committee and to other members; assist him/her to obtain cards for handicap; see that he/she is informed of all rules governing the conduct of the Club; and ABOVE ALL ensure that he/she is sufficiently advanced in the knowledge of the rules of golf to be competent to perform the duty of marker to a fellow competitor.  
  3. The practice fairway is provided for the use of Members only. It is the responsibility of all Members to report unauthorised usage of this facility. Members should ensure that practice is confined to the designated area.  
  4. Members using the practice fairways should ensure they carry a sand bucket to fill areas cut by such practice. This courtesy will assist the continuity of growth on this facility.  
  5. A Member/Lady Member may introduce a Visitor to the privileges of the Club. However, it should be noted that it is the Member's/Lady Member's responsibility to ensure that the Visitor is aware and observes all rules and etiquette governing of the club.  
  6. On major playing days, i.e., Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at approximately 6 p.m. a presentation of the days winners including Ball Competition is made. All Members/Lady Members and partner or visitor are encouraged to attend.  
  7. Members and Lady Members should note that for special party or receptions full catering facilities together with the Club House are available at a reasonable cost. Do not hesitate to consult the Secretary Manager.  
  8. THIS IS IMPORTANT:- In Club events you may only win one (1) trophy.  
  9. Saturday competitions are restricted to Penrith members excepting where permission has been obtained from the Captain or the event is designated as open.  
  10. Sunday competition unless otherwise stated is an open event.  
  11. In the event of a Tie Monthly Medals will be decided by a play-off at the next months monthly medal. Should there be a tie in the playoff the result will be determined by a countback from scores returned in the playoff.  
  12. Use of Motorised Locomotion. If conditions are doubtful contact the Professional who will advise as to their use that day. Privately owned golf carts may only be used on this course by special permission of the Board.  
  13. During non-competition play members are requested not to play more than 2 balls. The course is NOT to be used as a practice fairway. Members caught playing more than 2 balls will face disciplinary action from the committee.  
  14. Motorised buggies must use paths wherever possible. Please do not drive within 10 metres of the edge of greens or on the verges of tees or privileges will be removed.