Penrith Golf Club

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Penrith Golf Club - Pros Tips

Hole 1
A gentle double dog leg which requires an accurate drive to a fairway surrounded by trees left and right, a second shot to the right side of the fairway will open up the green for a short iron approach into a long narrow green.

Hole 2
A long par 4 which calls for a good drive. Aim drive right of centre fairway for extra run. Green guarded by mounds left and right, be sure of club selection to this long narrow green.

Hole 3
Green guarded left and short by bunkers. Check wind for correct club selection.

Hole 4
A short par 4. Tee shot should be aimed right centre of fairway, trouble is both left and right at green, with bunkers snaring any wayward approach shots.

Hole 5
A slight dog leg right over water. A good tee shot leaves a mid to short iron approach to a deceiving green. Check pin position for correct distance.

Hole 6
A long demanding par 5 which requires a straight drive. Long hitters can get over water in two, if not a good lay-up ensures an accurate approach to a two tiered green guarded right by two deep greenside bunkers.

Hole 7

A short but demanding par 3, bunkers guard left, right and short of the green, with a large slope over the green catching any over adventurous tee shots. A par here is a good score.

Hole 8
This hole is characterised by the huge fairway bunker on the left side of fairway. Water right and long at the green can cost you shots, aim for the left side of green to ensure a par score.

Hole 9
Penrith's most famous hole. This 414m par 4 is up hill and a true test of golf. A long approach shot to a narrow green sloping severely back to front must be accurate and below the hole to ensure an easier putt.

Hole 10
Another long par 4, where par is a good score. The lake on the right will catch any sliced tee shots. The small green is heavily guarded by bunkers. Bail out is short for an easy chip and putt.

Hole 11
A very long par 3 which requires a left to right shot to a kidney shaped green. There is water left, which will catch anything wayward. Short right is bail out.

Hole 12
O.O.B. extends all the way along the right side of fairway, favour the right side of fairway for your second shot to open up green for short iron approach.

Hole 13
Again O.O.B. extends all the way along the right side of fairway. Take most reliable wood or long iron to ensure a shot into this green from the fairway.

Hole 14
A short par 4 which requires an accurate fairway wood or long iron tee shot. Bunkers dominate this hole with 3 fairway bunkers up left side of fairways and greenside bunkers short, left and right guarding the green.

Hole 15
A testing par 3 with a long narrow green. A deep bunker guards the front left of the green and steep slopes on the left and long of the green can cost you shots.

Hole 16
Water left and trees right means a long and accurate tee shot is required. Green guarded by two bunkers right and a bunker left. Read putts carefully, green has a lot of subtle breaks.

Hole 17
This par 5 gives long hitters a chance to hit the green in two. Any tee shots left will catch O.O.B. Aim tee shots right centre of fairway to ensure carefully placed 2nd shot. This slightly raised green means a straight pitch is required in order to make birdie or par.

Hole 18
A pond on the left and mounds on the right demands a straight tee shot. Green is guarded at the front by an extremely deep bunker and left by another bunker. Be sure to be underneath the hole to ensure an easier putt.