Golf News Update

News Update from the Golf Committee

Hello to our fellow golfing members,

On behalf of the golf committee and Pro Shop staff we thank you for your efforts to comply with the changed rules and playing conditions during this challenging period. Your continued support and understanding would be greatly appreciated.
As you know the time sheets are now open at 7:00 pm 10 days prior to the relevant competition date with the exception of Saturday which will open at 7:00 pm on the Monday preceding the Saturday.
Please note the following with regards to booking time slots on time sheets, more particularly for Saturdays:
  • If you cannot get your name on the time sheet don’t forget to put it on the wait list,
  • Those players who are on the wait list who don’t get a game with be entered on the wait list for the following week prior to the time sheet being made available to other members. This will be only the player on the wait list and not a playing partner. We will on a best endeavours basis book you on or close to your normal time but as you can appreciate this will not always be possible,
  • If you are on the wait list please keep an eye out for an email that will advise you that you have a tee time,
  • We also strongly suggest to also keep an eye on the time sheet for your name – when you log onto the system your tee times appear on the opening screen,
  • Note you can only book for a maximum of 3 games over all time sheets that are opened. Mostly time sheets open 10 days before each event. Generally at any one time there is 8 time sheets available. This has been put in place to give every member an opportunity to play. Please bear in mind we ARE NOT in normal times and things will not always appear fair for everyone. The objective is to try to make sure all members have an equal opportunity to play,
  • We are asking members who can play on days other than Saturday to do so to free up Saturdays for those members who can only play Saturday. We have opened Friday up as an additional competition day to give more access to competitions,
  • If you cannot make your tee time, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your designated tee time. Note penalties will apply for failing to do this, Penalties will also apply for players who don’t turn up for their designated tee times, except under exceptional circumstances,
  • No visitors or reciprocal club players allowed on Saturdays,
We also ask you practice ready golf and to be aware of your pace of play. With winter and shorter days almost upon us this will be critical in maximising tee times and ensuring players finish before dark.  As a guide with 2 players per group playing times should be 3 hrs 30 minutes maximum. Best practice for 2 players playing time is 3 hrs so 3 hrs 30 minutes is very conservative.
There will be members of the committee marshalling on the weekends to ensure pace of play is maintained.
Again thank you for your cooperation and see you on the course!
From your Golf Committee