Penrith Golf Club

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Local Rules - Marking of Cards

  1. Competition score cards require marking in all areas of the score card to allow the score card scanning machine to read the card.
  2. Please ensure you check the score from the Powergolf system to the actual card and amend the score where it is incorrect.
  3. All competition score cards MUST be signed by the marker and player, as well as having handicaps on them.
  4. A Junior may mark another Junior's card.  
  5. A maximum of 2 (two) Juniors are allowed to play golf together in any 18 hole competition, unless otherwise authorised by the Board. For the purpose of playing golf a Junior Member is a person under 18 years of age.  
  6. Two Juniors may play as a pair in a Four-Ball or Two Ball event.  
  7. Handicap cards must be marked by a person holding a current Australian handicap.  
  8. An Associate or affiliated member of New South Wales Golf Association may mark a member's card for Handicap.
  9. A member may mark an Associate's card for Handicap.  
  10. A member or Associate may mark cards in Mixed events.  
  11. An Associate may mark a member's card in medley events.  
  12. All competition cards must be entered into the Powergolf system score card scanner on completion of play.  
  13. Juniors will only be allowed to participate in Club Events when they have been passed through the Players' School and it has been proved to the Match Committee that they are qualified both in golfing ability, rules and etiquette.  
  14. Players on provisional handicaps are eligible to win a ball or NTP awards only.  
  15. Accurate, legible and complete detail on competition cards will significantly assist the Match Committee compile results.