Ladies Competition Golf Results


                                   PENRITH LADIES TEAM CHALLENGE


Day 1 Thursday was a 2 Player Ambrose

Day 2 Friday was a 2BBB


Overall Winners   –              Vicki Lawless (Penrith) and Donna McAleer (Monash)

Scratch Winners  –               Tracey Wood (Penrith) and Donna Forrest (Lakeside)

Runner up Nett     –               Kris Heggie (Nelson Bay) and Marg Reimer (Nelson Bay)

Runner up scratch –            Diane Montgomery (Penrith) and Tracey Warne (Penrith)


Thursday Nett Winners –        Joanne Ogle (Penrith) and Jeannette Robertson (Penrith)

Thursday Scratch Winners –  Debra Moussa ( Penrith) and Vicki Hall (Penrith)

Friday Nett Winners –             Carol Carter (Richmond) and Denise Johnston (Toukley)

Friday Scratch Winners –       Julie Berg (Penrith) and Kay Gordon (Penrith)

3rd place –                              Janine Humphreys (Richmond) and Coral Davidson (Richmond)

4th place –                              Juanita Robb (Glenmore) and Kerrie Roelandts (Penrith)

5th place –                              Pat Kunkler (Penrith) and Margaret Nelson (Penrith)


Thursday NTP

Div 1 – Donna McAlleer ( Monash)

Div 2 – Lynette Luttringer (Richmond)

Div 3 – Margaret Nelson  (Penrith)


Thursday – Straightest Drive

Div 1 – Donna McAlleer ( Monash)

Div 2 – Ann Pedersen ( Lynwood)

Div 3 – Rhonda Sedger ( Richmond)


Friday NTP

Div 1 – Carol Carter (Richmond)

Div 2 – Shirley Owen  (Wallacia)

Div 3 – Marg Reimer ( Nelson Bay)


Friday – Straightest Drive

Div 1 – Donna Forrest (Lakeside)

Div 2 – Jo Schuler (Penrith)

Div 3 – Jean Paterson ( Penrith)