Important COVID-19 Temporary Rules

Important – COVID-19 Temporary Rules and Playing Conditions

Effective Immediately Until Further Notice

Please note the following are detail of the rules and playing conditions implemented as part of our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please note the various Public Heath Orders relating to Public Gathering Limits, and Social Distancing.

Also note, if you are over 70, and particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition, the Federal Government’s strong advice is to self-isolate at home for as long as practical. They strongly suggest limiting your interaction with others in the community.

Social Distancing is mandatory

This includes only one person per cart and one set of clubs. If 2 people are seen in a single cart both players will be disqualified from the competition and disciplinary action will be taken by the Advisory Committee.  This includes all carts whether club owned or personal.

IMPORTANT – All players are requested to arrive at the course and be ready to be called to the PRO SHOP no longer than 10 minutes before their tee time – for example, if your tee time is 9.00 am, please be there 8.50 am – no earlier – you will be called to the Pro Shop to pay your fees and collect your card.

Please ensure you continue to observe Social Distancing Laws and Public Gathering Laws – do not congregate in groups of more than 2 and keep at least 1.5 metres away from anybody else.

Once you are called please proceed to the pro shop and once you have finished in there go straight to tee area.

Please note no more than 2 players on the tee at any one time.

You must also obey all directives from Pro Shop Staff, Golf Committee Members and club staff.

You must observe the 1 person per 4 square metre rule inside the pro shop with no more than 2 customers/players in there at a time.

There will be members of the Golf Committee marshalling out on the course during this period. Please follow their directions. We are all in this together with the common goal to continue playing golf within this new environment and within the law and keep everyone healthy.

There will be a penalty for breaching any of these rules and for anybody deliberately flaunting Social Distancing and Public Gathering Laws. The penalty will be a minimum 2 week suspension from playing or as determined by the Golf Committee.


All rakes have been removed from bunkers. We ask players to smooth the bunker with their feet or their club as best they can. Bunkers will therefore not be smoothed as effectively as normal and as such all bunkers will have a 30 cm preferred lie no nearer to the hole. The ball can be placed.


So as to avoid touching flag sticks, all flagsticks MUST remain in their holes untouched.

The cups will be placed upside down making the hole shallower than normal therefore making it easier to remove the ball without touching the flag stick or the hole cup.

A ball at rest in the hole will be considered to be holed even if it is not entirely below the level of the hole. See photo below. Note: this clears up any misunderstanding from the initial rule issued. The ball MUST come to rest in the hole.


All competitions will be Single Stableford events only. There will be no team based events or stroke events until further notice.

To open up more opportunity for members to get competition spots, we have also initiated a Friday competition. This will be an Open Medley Competition. Bookings can be made by ringing the pro shop.

As you are not allowed to touch the flag stick there will be no Nearest to the Pin’s.


All players are to mark their own score card and to verbally agree their total scores at the end of the round with their playing partner. We suggest marking your playing partners score in the marker column on the card. Remember, honesty and integrity is integral to golf.

Every player must then place his/her own card into the box provided at the top of the stairs of the awning area leading to the club house. Someone from the Advisory Committee will scan and save all competition cards. Any discrepancies will be left uncorrected and the player possibly disqualified.

Tee Times / Web Bookings

At the moment we have adopted a one tee start with 6 minute intervals in groups of 2. We will continue to assess this. Tee times will be:

Saturdays                                Tee times – 6.00 am to 1.30 pm,

Sundays                                   Tee times – 10.30 am to 1.30 pm,

Mondays (Seniors Only)      Tee times – 7.00 am and to 10.30 am,

Wednesdays                            Tee times – 6.30 am and to 1.00 pm,

Thursdays (Ladies only)       Tee times – 8.30 am and to 10.30 am,

Fridays                                      Tee times – 7.00 am to 1.00 pm.

This will continue to be reviewed and will change as we move into winter and the days become shorter.

As you can appreciate this represents a significant reduction in the number of tee times available.

Unfortunately this means some people will miss out on a tee time, mainly on Saturdays. If you cannot book a tee spot on Saturday please ensure you put your name on the Waiting List. Any player who remains on the Waiting List on Saturday and does not get a game will have first preference the following Saturday.

Unless advised otherwise time sheets will be open at 7.00 pm 8 days in advance except for Saturdays. The timesheet for Saturdays will be open on the preceding Monday at 7.00 pm. For example, the timesheet for Saturday 25 April 20 will be open 7.00 pm Monday 20 April 20.

Bookings can be made through the members’ portal on the web site:

  • Click on GOLF and then MEMBERS LOGIN
  • Click LOGIN
  • Your Member Number will be the last 5 digits of your Badge Number
  • Your Password will be either the password you have previously set up, or your day and month of birth (4 digits). Example – if you were born on 31/07/1980, your password would be You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” and following the prompts.
  • Click on TEE BOOKINGS and you will then gain access to the days that are available to book.

We ask you for your forbearance with this process. We fully understand and appreciate this is not an ideal outcome for everyone and there will be some disappointed people. This is a very difficult position for all of us and we look forward to your cooperation.

In the interest of all members we have restricted the number of players that can be booked in by a member to yourself and 1 other member as your playing partner.  You will also be restricted to a maximum number of booking at any one time in the system to 3. Therefore, in the 10 day period the timesheets are opened for, you can only be booked in to play 3 games in total.

If you cannot play the weekend please do not book in. Please do not “reserve” tee spots.

If you have a tee booking and for an unforeseen reason you cannot play please ensure you cancel your booking so as to give players on the waiting list an opportunity to play.

There will be penalties for missing your tee time or cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice except due to rain or exceptional circumstances. The penalty here will be a minimum 2 week suspension from playing or as determined by the Golf Committee.

Until further notice visitors and reciprocal club members will not be permitted to play on a member’s only competition day. All Saturday invitational’s have been cancelled.

We have lost in the vicinity of 35% of our available tee times. In the interests of all members during these difficult times, especially for those who cannot play on weekdays, if you are able to play on days other than Saturday’s we ask you consider playing these days and leave the Saturdays to the players who cannot play on other days.

Practice Facilities

There will be only 1 practice net in operation. The practice range has also been segregated to meet Social Distancing laws and ask you to adhere to these boundaries. Please do not congregate here and at all times observe Social Distancing Laws and Public Gathering Laws.

The practice putting green will also be limited to a maximum of 4 people at any one time. Do not congregate and at all times observe Social Distancing Laws and Public Gathering Laws,

Pace of Play

It is important we keep play moving and therefore your pace of play is critical to avoid congestion. A few simple tips include:

  • Ready golf is encouraged, and use simple techniques such as;
  • Parking your buggy or cart on the exit side of the green,
  • Marking your card on the next tee while your playing partner is hitting, and
  • Being ready to hit by having your club selected and having your practice swing before it is your turn will all help.
  • If you are ready to play then do so safely and without impacting on other golfers.

Sand Buckets

There will be clean and sanitised sand buckets available at the pro shop. Please grab one on your next game. Leave it in your car and bring it each time you play. Please fill as many divots as you can during your round – especially your own. Remember it is our course to look after.

This is a fluid situation and we will constantly be reviewed as things change. We will continue to be guided by the recommendations of our governing body Golf NSW and also the advice of the heath authorities.

We are all in this together and #BeKind to your fellow golfers, pro shop staff, greens staff and those that are supporting us through this difficult period. We implore you to do the right thing – observe Social Distancing and Public Gathering Laws and not to spoil it for everybody.

Take Care and please stay healthy. Practice social distancing and good hygiene.


Kind regards,

The Advisory Committee.