Golf Committee Newsletter

Timesheet Bookings

With the opening of the renovated club means the Friday night timesheet draw will return on 7 August 2020. Each Friday draw will be for the Saturday 2 weeks in advance. Therefore, the first draw on 7 August 20 will be for Saturday 22 August.

Just come to the club between 4.30 pm and 6.00 pm, swipe your card at the members station near the entrance, grab your timesheet ticket from the machine and place it in the barrel. Names are then drawn from 6.00 pm onwards and you then have an early opportunity for a time slot.

From Friday 7 August the timesheet for Saturdays will open at 6.00 pm at the members Kiosk and from 8.00 pm online. For all other days, the timesheet will continue to open 10 days before the date of the competition at 7.00 pm.

Our membership base is growing and whilst it may seem difficult to get a tee booking on Saturday being our most popular day, there is generally always an opportunity to get a game. If you can’t get on the timesheet on the day it opens, make sure you utilise the Waitlist facility. With cancellations you can also generally get a game by ringing the Pro Shop as late as the Saturday. We have yet to have a full field.


We now have the scorecard scanner operational in the club at the members kiosk area. This is now to be used on all Saturday, Monday and Wednesday competitions. Cards are to be scanned and placed in the drawers below the scanner in your respective grade. Scorecards for Sunday and Friday are to be handed in at the pro shop.

There has of late been a growing issue of incorrect scorecards. Please note the following:

  • Your scorecard must be signed – an unsigned card will result in disqualification,
  • As we use an automatic scorecard scanner, before signing your cards and finalising it in the system please ensure the card is correct. This includes the same score being recorded on the right-hand side of the cards as is marked on the left-hand side. If there is a discrepancy, the higher score will be taken. Do not just change in the system, make sure you amend the card including the X’s on the left-hand side. We have been lenient up until now, but this will only be short lived.
  • For accuracy use a HB or darker pencil and ensure the X is as big as the square.

Slow Play

With large fields especially on a Wednesday and Saturday there has been some noticeable increases in slow play. Slow play is unfair to your fellow members and makes for an unpleasant experience.

It should take no more than 4 hrs 20 mins to play a round of golf with 4 players in the group.

Ways to speed up you game include:

  • Ready golf is encouraged. If you are ready to play then do so safely and without impacting on other golfers,
  • Parking your buggy or cart on the exit side of the green, do not park in front of the green,
  • Marking your card on the next tee while your playing partner is hitting, and
  • Being ready to hit by having your club selected and having your practice swing before it is your turn,

Golf Cart Etiquette

It has been quite noticeable over the past month or so many players are not taking due care when driving carts on the course.

Always stay at least 10 metres from the green. There is no reason to be any closer.

Do not drive over or on the tee areas.

When wet avoid driving on the fairway. Stay in the rough.

Ropes and barricades are there for a reason – to protect your course – please go around them.

Action will be taken against any player seen to be not doing the right thing. This is your course to protect.

Care of Your Course

Please repair divots and do not be afraid to repair others during your round. This includes on tee areas and in the rough.

Please repair all pitch marks on greens – not just yours and ones in your line, repair any you see.

Ropes and barricades are there for a reason – to protect your course – please go around them. If you need to move them to play a shot, please ensure you put them back. Walk around areas cordoned off – not through.

Course News

Renovations are due to commence Sunday 6 September 20. The course will be closed on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 September 20.

As you may have noticed the bunkers next to the 16th green are being changed with the back bunker being removed and the front one made smaller. There will also be some trees removed from the right hand side of the bunkers. This is all being done in an effort to promote turf growth in the area and spread the wear and tear away from the edge of the green.

The tee box on 3rd hole is being extended to improve maintainability and enhance the appearance of the hole. This will result in a longer hole which will be used in some of our major events major events.

Upcoming Events

  • 2020 Foursomes Championships – this is 36 hole event held on Saturday 8 August 2020.
  • 2020 Ladies Foursomes Championships – this is 36 hole event held on Thursday 13 August and Thursday 20 August 2020
  • 2020 Club Championships – this is conducted over 4 rounds commencing Saturday 10 October 20 through to Saturday 31 October 20.
  • 2020 Ladies Club Championships – this is conducted over 3 rounds commencing Thursday 8 October 20 through to Thursday 22 October 20.
  • 2020 Top Gun Final – this postponed event will be held Sunday 1 November 20. The Calcutta will be held on Saturday evening 31 October 20. More details will follow.

Competition Vouchers

These are now available in the club at the bar. As there will be no presentation for the 2019 year, all vouchers for major events from 2019 are available at the bar. Also, with no presentation for the 2019 year, if you are a major prize winner the pro shop staff are taking shirt sizes for embroidery of shirts.