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Tee Time Draws

Fridays from 4.30pm

Tee-Time Draws take place at Penrith Golf Club each Friday night. Golf members can swipe your card at the members station between 4.30pm and 6pm, grab your timesheet ticket and place it in the barrel provided.

Names are drawn from 6pm. Winners drawn can select their preferred tee time for the Saturday 2 weeks in advance at Penrith before times are available online to the public.

The timesheet for Saturdays will open at 6pm at the Members Kiosk and from 8pm online. For all other days, the timesheet will continue to open 10 days before the date of the competition at 7pm.

Our membership base is growing and whilst it may seem difficult to get a tee booking on Saturday being our most popular day, there is generally always an opportunity to get a game. If you can’t get on the timesheet on the day it opens, make sure you utilise the Waitlist facility. With cancellations you can also generally get a game by ringing the Pro Shop as late as the Saturday. We have yet to have a full field.