Course Update

Course Update

The board of the club has approved the construction of a new dam between the 10th green and the 16th green and the deepening and widening of the current dam between the 10th and 16th fairways. Please see the attached plan showing the location of these. The blue lines outline the dam boundaries.

The red lines outline is where the dirt from the excavation will be going. The area between the 1st and 10th will have trees cleared and mounds will be constructed with the excavated soil. The balance of the excavated soil will be dumped at the top end of the practice range and that area levelled out. If further soil needs to be dumped more mounds will be constructed on the left hand side of the 1st around the 150 metre mark.

Work starts this Wednesday 6 Sept when the trees will be cleared in the creek area where the dam is being constructed.

Over the next few months there will be some disruption however this will be kept to a minimum as possible.

There will need to be some temporary local rules introduced both during construction and afterwards whilst areas undergo re-growth.

Keep an eye out for these rules and any updates.