An Update from your Golf Committee

With the easing of restrictions we are now pleased to confirm the amended Fixture Book for the remainder of the year which can be seen here [Fixture Book]. Please note the following key dates:
  • The 2021 Foursomes Championship will take place on Saturday 30 October 21. There will also be a normal event of the day off the 10th tee as per previous years,
  • Round 2 of the 2021 Mixed Foursomes will take place on Sunday 7 November 21,
  • The 2021 Club Championships will be played on Saturdays 6, 13, 20 and 27 November 21,
  • The 2021 Ladies Foursomes Championships will be held on Thursdays 21 and 28 October 21,
  • The 2021 Ladies Club Championships will be held on Thursdays 4, 11 and 18 November 21.

Effective immediately 2 fully vaccinated people can now share a cart. The other current temporary rules such as no touching flagsticks, marking your own cards and no rakes in bunkers will remain until such time as Golf NSW provides updated recommendations. The 30 cm preferred lie in bunkers also remains in place.

As the club is now open, the timesheet draw will return on Friday 15 October 21 at 6.00 pm and this will be the draw for Saturday 23 October 21. Tickets available from 4.30 pm. The timesheet for Saturday 16 October 21 and Sunday 17 October 21 will open on Wednesday 13 October 21 at 7.00 pm. Note the following summary of timesheet opening times:

                    Inline image

Timesheets will open as per the standard schedule, that is at 7.00 pm 10 days prior to the particular day except Saturdays which is on the Friday 8 days before in the club at 6.00 pm.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of your Golf Committee.