Penrith Golf Club

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Local Rules - Additional Rules

  1. DO NOT wheel buggies on the Putting Greens or Tees  
  2. When dropping from a water hazard, PLEASE drop in accordance with Rule 26/1 of the "Rules of Golf".  
  3. Before handing your Score Card in, check your score, date and countersign it. Remember an error or omission may mean disqualification  
  4. Players must enter their handicaps on their Score Card. When marking Two Ball or Four Ball events, players must indicate which partner scored on each hole. Failure to do this will result in DISQUALIFICATION.  
  5. Please assist by inserting membership numbers on all singles event cards.

Special Notice To New Lady Members
Players transferring from another club must submit current or last handicap card to Handicap Manager prior to playing in a competition. Players who have not previously held a handicap (W.G.A.) must in order to gain one, submit three cards marked by either a lady member or member of an affiliated club. These scores must be entered in the extra day book, and be signed by the marker and countersigned by the player.

Dress Regulations
Ladies are at all times expected to conform with general neatness. The following are not permitted;
Ladies stubbies - brief strapless halter-neck or singlet tops - bare midriffs - track or leisure-wear-pants - denin jeans - shorts and skirts no more than 15cm. (6") above knees. Players not dressed accordingly will not be permitted on the course or in the club house except on special function nights.

Each player is responsible for correctness of her own handicap. Players' handicaps must be shown on score card.
PENALTY - Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Handicaps For All Events
STABLEFORD - Full Handicap (unless otherwise stated)
PAR - Full Handicap
FOURSOMES - Half Combined Handicaps
CANADIAN FOURSOMES STROKE - 3/8 Combined Handicaps
AMERICAN FOURSOME STROKE - 3/8 Combined Handicaps
AMBROSE (3 players) - 1/6 Combined Handicap
AMBROSE (2 players) - 1/4 Combined Handicap
AMBROSE (4 players) - 1/8 Combined Handicap
ECLECTIC - 1/2 Handicap

With the exception of all W.G.A. events, ties in all competitions will be decided on a countback over the last nine holes on card, irrespective of the starting hole. If there is still a tie; - over last six holes; or if still tied - over last three holes, if still tied; hole by hole going back from the 18th. Ties in championships and W.G.A. events shall be played off on a date to be set by Match Committee.

To Compete In A Competition
Minimum field competition is 8 players. Names to be entered on time sheet provided, written in pencil only. Should a player be unable to play she must notify starter prior to her hit off time. Players are to report at Pro Shop 15 minutes before hit off time. Ladies to pay all competition fees at Pro Shop.

Club & WGA Medal Events (Mid Week)
WGA Medal grades as set by WGA are;
Division 1 + to 20
Division 2 21 to 30
Division 3 31 to 45
Club Medal grades as set by the Match Committee are;
Division 1 + to 20
Division 2 21 to 30
Division 3 31 to 45
N.B. - There is no limitation to the number of players for each division. Best scratch in each division to receive a ball. Ties for club medal to be decided on a countback.

Weekend Medals
WGA Medals as set down by WGA.
CLUB: Minimum players required to form a competition is 5. There will be only 1 Club medal (all grades included). Ties to be decided on a countback. All Lady members are eligible to play in the Week-end Medal as long as they didn't win the corresponding/previous medal in any division which was played on the Thursday. (Under Review)

Club Championships
Trophy Allocation
* Club Champion - 54 Holes Scratch
* Div. 1 Runner-Up
* Div. 2 Champion - 54 Holes Scratch
* Div. 2 Runner -Up
* Div. 3 Champion - 54 Holes Scratch
* Div. 3 Runner-Up
* Div 1 - 54 Holes Nett and Div. 1 Nett Runner-Up
* Div 2 - 54 Holes Nett and Div. 2 Nett Runner-Up
* Div 3 - 54 Holes Nett and Div. 3 Nett Runner-Up
Sec/Manager's Trophy - Best 18 Holes Nett over 54 holes.
Veterans Shield - 54 Holes Nett
* denotes major trophy

Foursomes Championships
Trophy Allocation
* 36 Holes Scratch Foursomes Championship
* 36 Holes Scratch - Runners-up
* 36 Holes Nett
* 36 Holes Nett - Runners-up
Note: One Major Trophy Per Player
* denotes major trophy