A Message From Your Golf Committee

Effective from 29 October 2021 we will be reverting to the more traditional rules of golf.
  • Fully vaccinated people can play in groups of 4 while those not fully vaccinated can still only play in groups of 2. Carts can also be shared by 2 fully vaccinated people,
  • Bunkers are back to normal and rakes will be available. Bunkers will no longer be preferred lie. Please ensure all bunkers are raked after use,
  • Flagsticks can now be removed. Though to avoid unnecessary touching we strongly recommend leaving the flagstick in. If you need to touch the flagstick we recommend doing this with your gloved hand or a towel.
  • The Nearest to the Pin’s will return.
  • Scorecards must now be swapped with your fellow player. All cards must now be correctly completed and signed by both the player and the marker. Players will be disqualified for cards that do not comply with the rules of golf including not being signed by both player and marker.
  • Ball washers will be back in use.


The Golf Committee