2024 Top Gun Championships

2024 Top Gun Championship
The 2024 Top Gun Championship is about to get under way with the 1st qualifying round Saturday 4 November 23.
There is 2 significant changes to the playing conditions this year, being:
  • No qualifying on the regular Friday competition, other than Friday 26 January 24 which is an Open event on the Australia Day public holiday,
  • The minimum number of qualifying rounds is now 10, which is up from 5 in previous years.
See the 2024 Top Gun Playing Conditions A for full details of the 2024 playing conditions.
Registration is simple, pay a $10 registration fee plus a $2 qualifying game fee before you start your game and have your card stamped. Each time you wish to attempt to qualify just pay your $2 to the pro shop staff before you start your game and have your card stamped.
Don’t miss your chance.